WOW 버닝 크루세이더 28시간에 70레벨 올린 프랑스 플레이어 - WOW Burning Crusade(월드 오브 워크래프트 확장팩)

Wow(월드 오브 워크래프트)의 새로운 확장팩 버닝 크루세이더(Burning Crusade)가 발매한지 28시간만에 레벨 70에 도달한 게임플레이어가 나타났다고 합니다.

그는 24살의 프랑스인 겔러본(Gullerbone)입니다. 겔러본은 정확히 2007년 1월 17일 12시 4분(우리나라 시간)에 만랩인 70레벨에 도달했다고 합니다.

프랑스의 밀레니엄(Millenium) 길드 소속된 겔러본은 확장팩인 발매하기 2시간 전에 충분한 취침을 취하고게임을 시작했다고 합니다. 28시간동안 플레이 하는동안 총 40명의 밀레니엄 길드원이 그를 도와주었으며, Cau(유럽의 첫번째 60레벨 플레이어)와 레벨업 연구를 해서 경로와 최적의 길드원을 찾았다고 합니다.

*** 겔러본과 밀레니엄 길드의 동영사 보러가기 (via
*** French WoW player reaches level 70 in 28 hours, pro-g
*** 겔러본과 밀레니엄 길드의 70레벨 동영상과 겔러본 인터뷰(via

<겔러본과 밀레니엄 길드의 70레벨 동영상>

[WoR]Teza: Can you introduce yourself quickly in a few words?

Gullerbone: I am french and 24 years old, a member of Millenium (french guild) since 1-2 months and I was the one playing the mage called Gawell for this exp rush, eventually I will reroll shaman to complete my PvP arena team.

[WoR]Teza: Whats your played time from 60 to 70? Which zone were you in when you reached lvl 70?

Gullerbone: It took me 28 hours to get from 60 to 70, and dinged 70 at 4:04 am (CET) on Januar 17. I was in Netherstorm (subzone: Mana forge) when i reached lvl 70.

[WoR]Teza: What was your preparation? How did you make it in such a short time?

Gullerbone: Cau (the 1st european lvl 60) and I planned the exp route step by steps, trying everything to make sure it was the most approriate, the groups organization with the guild Millenium and their members. Each member rotated using a definite order to help me to grind on mobs, mostly with AE, surrounded with several guildmates healers, tanks, pullers etc...

[WoR]Teza: How many people were involved in your leveling project?

Gullerbone: All 40 members were involved; Milleniums member were assigned to specific tasks and planning inorder to keep me leveling and the maximum rate.

[WoR]Teza: Was it 10-20 or more people killing mobs after you tagged them?

Gullerbone: Well at first we had be only 5 (during the first 10 hours or so) so that 10 of the members could get lvl 62. then in the morning we were 15 inorder to kill the mobs at a faster rate. Finally in the evening, everyone was involved and we could gather a 35 man raid to help me in netherstorm with our newly lvl 62 doing most of the job.

[WoR]Teza: Right, were you the only one playing Gawell from 60 to 70 for the whole duration 28 hours?

Gullerbone: I sure did, I slept form 2 to 10pm on monday (waked up 2 hours before TBC launch),so the physical preparation was a part of the plan.

[WoR]Teza: Fine, any last words?

Gullerbone: It has been a pleasure to do this with Millenium, I hope we come across other similar challenges in the futur, I am very gratefull to every Millenium members.

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